Hole in the Wall Events Coordinator, Lynn Cowles:


Do you need meeting space for a company meeting, happy hour, benefit show, birthday party, or otherwise? Let the Hole in the Wall host your group, and make it convenient and memorable for all involved.

Space is free of charge if the venue can remain open to the public during your party, and our three separate rooms/bars can help maintain intimacy among guests.

Hole in the Wall staff will work with you to build a drink menu appropriate to your purpose and your guests, and our thoughtful sound engineers, managers, and patrons will work to make your event a success for everyone.

We’ll help you show your guests a good time. Talk to you soon!


Located at 2538 Guadalupe St., the Hole in the Wall has been a fixture on the Drag, the pedestrian and business district just west of the University of Texas at Austin, since 1974. Although the venue continues to serve as a popular meeting place for community groups, regulars, and students, our surroundings have changed a great deal in the past forty-some years. Often, patrons’ primary concern is parking next to the busy campus. Following are some options:

Metered parking is available on streets surrounding the bar for $2/hour before 6pm. These meters take coins and credit cards. The street parking in the neighborhood is free every day after 6pm, and all day on Sundays. Due to construction next door and nearby, some of these metered spots aren't available for the unforeseen future. There are  a few pay lots ($5-10) located nearby. Handicap parking is available on the street at the corner of Guadalupe and 25th, and also on the north side of the back parking lot, in the marked space nearest the back gate to the club.

Through the side gate from the parking lot behind MezzeMe. Enter this lot from San Antonio street, on the west side of the venue. There is free parking for Hole in the Wall after 9pm in this lot. Before 9pm the neighboring business may have your vehicle towed or ticketed if you leave it there unattended – but it’s always okay to load/unload from this parking lot.

There is also one temporary parking spot on the Guadalupe Street side of the club, in the driveway just to the south of the club’s front door. This spot is for loading and unloading only and is the most convenient load-in spot for front-room shows. Do not leave your vehicle in this spot during your show. Load-in is typically 1 hour before your set, but you are of course welcome to arrive earlier.


Hole in the Wall Bookers, Austin Leos & Ryan Wen

Please allow 2-3 weeks before checking back in with us after your initial contact.  

With your booking request, please send the following:

  1. Recorded music;

  2. Facebook page;

  3. Video of live performance;

  4. A band or artist website, if you maintain one; and

  5. Possible dates or a range of dates when you want to play;

  6. Any history you have in Austin TX;

  7. A realistic estimate of your draw here.

Write Band/Artist name and desired dates in subject line please.

Keep in mind when contacting us for booking that we have two stages, one in the front room of the club and a larger one in the middle bar.

Except by prior arrangement, the artist payout system at Hole in the Wall is as follows:


For no-cover shows in the front room (Sun–Wed), bands are paid a split of 10% of front room and middle room bar sales for the night, beginning at 9pm. There is also a tip jar available to use on no-cover nights.

For middle room shows (Thurs–Sat), there is typically a cover charge. For these shows, bands are paid a split of 100% of the door charges after $90 production cost. (a note about production cost: we staff two door people for middle-room shows to collect cover charge from people who want to see the show, one at the front entrance and one at the patio entrance. We will have an audio engineer on staff for these shows. The $90 represents half of our cost for door and sound personnel for the night – we split the cost of show production with the bands down the middle).


If your band has something more complex than a standard guitars/bass/drums/keys/vocals set-up, please email input lists and stage plots to and we’ll see that our engineer gets them prior to your show.

Front Stage : Has an on-stage 8-channel PA with one monitor mix through two wedges. Mics are Shure Beta 58s. You should be able to run this simple PA yourself. If you are not comfortable running this PA head from the stage, please let us know well in advance of the day of your show.

Middle Stage: The PA is a stereo 4-way system with 2 EV 3-Way 18″ x10″ Mains and 4 Peavey 18″ subs. The console is a Behringer X32, with 4 monitor mixes on JBL 15″ wedges. We currently have the ability to run 22 inputs from the stage. All speakers are powered by QSC RMX 2450 Series power amps. Vocal mics are Shure SM58s. The system has been tuned using these mics and we prefer that they be used for vocals – if you need to use your own vocal mic, we strongly prefer that it be a Shure SM58.  Drum mics are Audix D-Series and Shure Beta 52 kick mic. Bring your own DIs if you have a lot of direct input instruments. (We do have four DI boxes in-house) There will be an audio engineer on staff for all shows on this stage.

BACKLINE (Available for use on either stage – if possible please let us know in advance if you will be using the house drum kit on your show.)


Ampeg SVT-Pro head with Ampeg 8×10 cab  (middle stage)

Peavey Mark III head with a Hartke Transporter 4×10 cab  (front stage)


Fender Hot Rod DeVille combo

Fender Twin Reverb combo

Carvin head w/ Marshall 4×12 cab

DRUMS: Pearl Export Series 4 piece kit w/ cymbal stands & kick pedal
****We recommend drummers bring their own throne, cymbals, kick pedal and snare****

KEYS: Two standard “X” style Keyboard stands
Two fold-up DJ tables (these can be used for merch sales also)